Avenue Credit Card

Having a store like Avenue that caters to women who love buying their plus sized clothing at a high quality and great price is such a godsend. The fact that they have also created their Avenue Credit Card to make the shopping experience great, helps out even more. The high quality products, however, are the real reason that Avenue has been around for so many years already. The discount deals and coupons that are added for the Avenue Credit Card cardholders provide a great reason to sign up for the Avenue Credit Card.

If you are here with us, you just might be one of the hardcore fanatics of Avenue and are looking for more information about the Avenue Credit Card. Since you are already so familiar with their specials, you will be able to fully appreciate the information we have provided here. For those who are new to the Avenue stores, read on as well for more information about what is offered with the Avenue Credit Card. The level of benefit you will see will depend on just how must exactly you are spending when you are using your Avenue Credit Card at the Avenue stores.

Everyone starts out at the first tier of this card called the Avenue Credit Card-Preferred Gold. After you have used this card to spend a minimum of $200 with Avenue, you will be automatically upgraded to the top level which is the Avenue Credit Card-Platinum Select level. On the top level, you will see the rewards for the points given even better. The point system is like this:


1 point per dollar spent
200 points = $20 rewards certificate

This is actually not a bad deal for those who are doing a lot of shopping with Avenue already anyway. Any type of help provided on top of what you normally do anyway is a great thing, right? They even offer a cash back program with their Avenue Credit Card and the cash back rewards happen like this:

$250 spent = $10
$500 spent = $20
$1,000 spent = $40
$1,500 spent = $60
$2,000 spent = $120

Are you going to really do enough spending within the Avenue stores in order for the Avenue Credit Card to be a worthy investment for you? Yes, every little bit helps no matter your spending budget. However, the Avenue Credit Card is really designed to be for those who shop in great quantities in order to see the greatest savings at the top level. Think about the cash back option. If you are only spending small amounts within the year, this will seem like nothing at all to you when it comes time to claim your rewards. Are you going to make sure your bill is always paid on time? If not, the Avenue Credit Card or any other card for that matter probably isn't for you at this time. The interest rate will be a huge problem for you if you are always carrying a balance on the Avenue Credit Card. Is it okay with you that the Avenue Credit Card is exclusive to the Avenue stores? If you are looking for a card that can be used everywhere, you are in search for a credit card likely with a Visa or MasterCard logo on it. If you do decide to go with the Avenue Credit Card, just make sure to read everything they have available so that you will fully understand what you are getting into.